Six Points To Test The Massage Gun

When people look for a Massage Gun, they mainly look for some functions and performance indicators. And YUKUI is doing the best to satisfy the user's feeling on their product yukui percussion massage guns.

This is the main attribute YUKUI pay attention to:


When using a massager, you may want to see or hear some media or talking at the same time. If your gun is too loud, it will be difficult to appreciate the media and may annoy others. We test on the production line with sound level meter 10inches from the massage gun, which measured the loudness at the fastest speed. And 45DB is our max limitation. 



including the percussions and strokes per minute, whether the depth of percussion and the speed can be adjusted. Percussion, is different as vibratioin and it gives vertical strikes instead of beating on surface of the skin. 

You may find that different speeds feel better in different parts of the body. In addition, the depth of stroke is usually related to how "hard" the massage feels. YUKUI percussion muscle massage gun has a stroke length of 12mm and gives highest revoution per minutes of 3400rpm.

Easy to use: 

Some functions of the massage gun make it easy to use, including weight, number of handles, handle comfort, whether the massage arm connected to the head can be adjusted and whether the controls are intuitive.

YUKUI massage gun is especially designed on the point of easy-to-use, which should be quiet, easy functional, light-weighted. 4-6 massage heads are usually supplied with coming suspention accessories for the heads. Model YUKUI Deft even has a super weight of only 700g.



You don't want the massage gun battery to run out during training.

You also want the device to be ready for use when needed, even if you forget to charge it.

Longer battery life ensures that you can solve these problems multiple times before you must charge the gun. 

As to this factor, we manufactured YUKUI massage gun uses rechargable lithium battery from Pananosic or LG. It gives duration per charge as long as 7hours. Considering 10minutes massage time each day, it can be used for 6 weeks.


A round rigid foam head is standard on most massage guns. YUKUI has offered better options include 3 to 5 other head accessories for handling different body parts. For example, if you plan to work on a small muscle group, a tapered or pointed tip may be useful.


If you travel frequently, you must also bring a suitcase with your massage guns and accessories. And YUKUI does offer very nice travel case or gift box to fill in the massage gun along with all the accessories.




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