9Degree Muscle Massager

Item No: 9Degree
Heads: 4/6Heads
Levels: 6Levels
Net Weight: 1040g
Packing: Box Or Carry Case


Packing List

Vibration Massage Devic*1

Stainless Steel Head*1 

Stainless Steel Cylinder Head*1

Cone Head *1 

Fork Head*1

Ball Head*1 

Flat Head*1


Certificate Proved: CE&MSDS

Product information

Battery capacity: 2600mAh/3400mAh lithium battery

Continuity: 7H Dynamic Display

Stalls: 6 stalls 

Chips: Imported from the United States

Speed: 1200 to 3200 rpm

Number of massage heads: 6

Handle material: nano-silica gel

Shell Material: Aluminum Alloy

Amplitude: 12MM

User Instructions

Stainless Steel Head

Strong massage and good feeling

Stainless Steel Cylinder Head

strong massage and good feeling

Ball Head

for large muscle groups

(quads, glutes. etc )or extream soreness

Fork Head

for neck, spinal, calves, etc

Cone Head

Apply to strike the deep tissue,joint, feet, wrist, etc

Flat Head

For general use, relax for whole body muscles.

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